I Need a Hero

Deer Raymond,

I always want to do something really powerful at Christmas. If I could rescue a homeless cat or dog, or give presents to kids who don’t get any or save someone from a burning Christmas tree, I would feel like a Superhero. But I don’t have very much money or space in my house, and I hope no tree actually burns down cause I’m kinda afraid of fire. How can I save Christmas if I can’t do amazing things?


Normal Old Stanley.

Dear Stanman,

Did you know I was awarded the Deer Medal of Daring for my work guiding bunnies through the forest during a paintball fight? Not one bunny turned green or blue under my watch! Actually, that’s not true. This is my human’s medal for walking around some weird neighborhood in the freezing cold, complaining and drinking cider. But it makes a good story, right? Wrong. Problem is, when we look at those big stories it makes everything else seem boring and not helpful. But in reality- there are heroic things happening every day. We just don’t see them.

To me, the most heroic thing you can do at the holidays, or any day, is be generous to other people. I don’t mean give them money or big presents. I mean being present for people – listening to them, caring about them, waiting patiently when the person in front of you is taking a lot time, listening to a story the second or third time instead of saying “You told me that one.” or telling someone how much you get from knowing them. Anyone can do those things and our world really needs it.

So don’t try to be amazing. Just be you, and give all of you to the people around you. You’ll be more than a superhero. You’ll be a generous person. What’s more heroic than that?

Your Super Friend,


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