Body Beautiful

Deer Raymond,

Every March I go through the same thing. As soon as the sun comes out, all the magazines and TV commercials start showing people in bikinis and talking about “getting your summer body.”  I don’t have a summer body! I have a late fall body that’s full of pumpkin pie and cookies.  So now, I feel like I have to go on a diet, but when I look at them I get all confused. I’ve looked at raw food diet, keto, paleo…I can’t tell if should be eating in a lab or a Jurassic Park.  What’s the best diet for me?

Hitting the Sweets Too Hard

Dear Sugar Smack,

If anyone knows about unrealistic body images – it’s me!  Look at that deer.  If it was real, it would be in the deerfirmary suffering from some kind of muscular problem and malnutrition! Every winter people make it seem like if you don’t have a super body that can pull a 10 ton sleigh, you just hang around in the woods doing nothing all year.  But you know what?  Donner’s antlers? Extensions.  Rudolph’s nose, enhanced by filters. Blitzen’s 6 pack? Well, that’s real – but he spends 4 hours a day at Foal’s Gym.  That’s no life for me.  There’s nothing wrong with me. And, there’s nothing wrong with you.

     Your body is a container that holds who you are, so you want to feed it good stuff and take care of it.  Make eating choices (not a diet) that reflect what you want to do to help your body be its best with what you have and need that day.  Love your body, don’t force it into a box. Open it up with your heart.  My other tip – every time you see one of those covers with people in bikinis – see the person, not the picture.  No matter who they are – they have the same two qualities as you.  They want to be happy. They don’t want to be hurt.  They aren’t trying to make you feel bad, they are just doing what they do to be happy and not hurt.  You do what you want to do too. 

Have fun in the sun,

Your All-Weather Friend,


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