Just Deer It!

Deer Raymond,

I don’t know what to do.  I have a lot of friends who are runners or do 5K walks so I try to walk with them, but I really hate it. It’s boring and makes me tired and sweaty. I hate every step. Every. Step. I want to be healthy and feel good, as well as be with my friends, but  every time they invite me to  walk I want to cry. What can I do?


Kicking off my Shoes and Quitting

Dear Kick Stand,

You know what the best exercise for you is?  The one you’ll do.  It doesn’t matter if it’s walking, biking, kayak or weights. It it’s something you enjoy, you’re more likely to get off the couch and do it.  Make your friendships about more than working out.  When they invite you to go walking tell them you’re going to focus on whatever you like to do, but you’d love to meet them after and hear how it went and tell them about your workout as well.  Make your moving feet a two way street.

I’m actually not a big fan of walking.  Have you seen the price of those Antler Air 250’s – and I have to buy 4 of them!!!  Besides the expense, it just really doesn’t put a twitch in my tail.  You know what I like?  Deerlates!  Stretching, centering, posture and position – it’s the best.  And, when you finish, they give you a bottle of water and these little lavender scented towels. So much nicer than sports drinks and a banana (Bleh).

So get out there and do what works for you. 

Your Flexible Friend,


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