Name of the Game

Deer Raymond,

I have a friend that I like to play games with, but they always win!  Even in a game of chance where I should be able to win some of the time – they win.  It makes me want to stop playing. How can I learn how to win?


Sore Loser

Dear True Winner,

Every time I play reindeer games, I try really hard and then someone else does better than me and makes it look soooo easy.  Sometimes, I just want to turn on my hooves and give up!  But, then I remember the reason I was playing in the first place  – because it’s fun!  The point of a game isn’t winning, it’s playing.  You may not win the game, but you get time with your friends, fun, and a sense of challenge. So really, when it comes to games – there’s no way to lose.  Once you realize that, you win at life. 

Your Second Place Pal,


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