Thank you for Being a Friend

Deer Raymond,

Where have you been? I was just getting started learning all about Christmas from you and you vanished!  What is up with that?

Missed you,

Your disappointed fan

Dear Miss Dis,

Awww. Thanks for noticing I was gone.  One of the most important feelings someone can have is to be seen.  Another important thing every being needs is friends.  Last December my little friend Belle (with the black ears) got pneumonia and she needed a lot of care.  Then, just as she was getting better my other friend, Buddy (white ears), got something called Vestibular Disorder. That made her really sick. She couldn’t walk or eat or do anything for a long time.  She’s better now but she will always have balance problems and needs a safety harness. So, I was helping my human friend, Kellie, take care of her beagles.  That’s the best part of friendship – being there.

But, don’t make the mistake of thinking that friendship is about me being there for them – cause the really good thing is that they were there for me. By listening to them, taking care of them, and putting aside things I wanted to do just so I could stay with them – I got a chance to be generous, learn patience, and give kindness. It all makes me a better deer!  The gift of friendship isn’t just helping someone. It’s letting someone help you, too. 

Your Deer Friend,


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