Rainy Deers and Mondays

Deer Raymond,

It’s been raining a lot lately, and rain always makes be feel kinda blue. There’s no real reason but I think about things that make me a little sad or the rain just makes things seem so gray. When I tell my friends that, they are always trying to cheer me up. “Think happy thoughts!” or “Keep you chin up” or “Lets go to a movie” – it’s like I can’t just be sad. I know they mean well, but how do I tell them I don’t want to be cheered up?


Rain Delay Doris

Dear Reindrop,

I know it’s hard to believe because I’m normally such a happy little deer, but sometimes I feel a little down too. That doesn’t mean I’m not still happy or my life isn’t good, it just means sometimes I have other feelings going on and I want to express them. I usually grab a couple cookies and some tissues and just take some time alone. Letting myself feel what I really feel makes me feel better in the long run.

Some people are raised with a fear of being sad. Maybe they were told it means they are weak, or maybe someone said they didn’t have a good reason to cry (which is crazy! You don’t need a REASON to feel anything – you can just feel it). So they become afraid of their feelings, then when they see someone else have them – they are afraid for them too.

I think the best thing to do with friends is just be honest and say, “Rain always makes me feel a little sad, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll go to the movies another time. Right now, I just want a cup of tea.” You DO drink tea when it rains, don’t you? That’s the best! Or hot chocolate and gingerbread, but that might just be a north pole thing. Anyway – don’t feel bad about how you feel. Just feel it. Before you know it – it will change.

Your Rainy Day Friend,


One thought on “Rainy Deers and Mondays

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  1. I’m all about feeling your feelings!
    ALL OF YOUR FEELINGS! I didn’t say live in your feelings, I didn’t say wallow in your feelings, I said FEEL your feelings. Feelings won’t kill you, but, denying them will!


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